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Landlines. In your favorite '90s sitcom there is at least one scene where a character twirls the phone cable in their hands while talking to their crush. This is what Landline Literary is after: tangible connections. 

Literary community can be despairingly difficult to come by – or to maintain – outside of academic spaces, which often act as gatekeepers, denying access to healthy community through classism, ableism, and racism. Here at Landline Literary, we hold two basic things near and dear: everyone has the talent and knowledge to write well, and everyone deserves a community in which to write. 

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Mission Statement &


Mission Statement


Landline Literary is dedicated to supporting writers in seeking out community in which to learn, create, and educate.


Statement of Values


Accessibility is more than just a buzzword, or a singular approach. Spaces often deny access through ableism, racism, classism, xenophobia, transphobia, and sexism. Landline Literary is committed to creating events and communities in which people from all intersections of lived experience can meaningfully participate and lead. This is a messy process, as most things involving community and creativity are. And so, Landline Literary is also committed to:

Restorative Justice. Conflict and harm are two separate things, both of which are common in the literary world. In our goal to create space for honesty, vulnerability, and tenderness, we must also plan accordingly to create spaces of accountability, humility, and growth. If conflict spills over into harm, we are committed to addressing that harm in a way that honors the healing of those hurt, the growth of those who have committed harm, and the humanity of every community member. 

Transparent and Equitable Infrastructure is too often lacking in institutions, particularly nonprofit and community-driven spaces. Landline Literary is committed to dealing with any partnering artists and participating audiences honestly. As a small, fledgling organization, we will have limits to our capacity, our funding, and our energy. We will have stumbles, and we will always do our best to communicate compassionately and clearly through it all, with respect to the boundaries and needs of our partners and participants.

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