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First Gen / Latinx Experience Generative Workshop w/Jose Hernandez Diaz

Thursdays 9/8-9/29
5-6PM ET
Cost: 100 Dollars

Catalytic Conversations


Inspired by the teaching practice of R.A. Villanueva, Catalytic Conversations is a monthly series of virtual chats. Informally organized around a theme in the world of writing, we will share quotes and snippets of writing that speak to us, and build connections between them (and each other) as we talk through the messy practice of writing, and the even messier notion of "craft."

These events will be free and open to the public every month. Come when and how you are able. However you show up to this space is a gift. 

Conference Calls

If two heads are better than one, three, four, or even five must really be something. Our virtual panels allow you to "call in" and hear some incredible discussions. From issues of craft, the writing life, and the role of writing in the world at large, these are some conference calls you definitely don't want to miss.

Most Conference Calls will have a "door  price" of around five dollars. This money will be split between all panel participants and organizers. If for any reason an event's admission price causes an undue burden on you, email us and we will make sure the event is financially accessible to you.

Party Lines

We want to take virtual readings to another level and create the same buzzing atmosphere of a great in-person reading. It may be a book release reading one month, a group of flash readings the next, but there will always be a little something extra – maybe a little tasting menu, or a playlist to listen to as you get ready, just something to extend the experience beyond your screens.
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