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30/30: Cameron Awkward-Rich

Our final prompt this year comes to us from Cameron Awkward-Rich, and his iconic poem, "Meditations in an Emergency"

There is so much to say about this poem: the concrete scene-building, the structure, and in particular on this read, the opening refrain of "breaks my heart." What seemingly small things break your heart? Write a list. Then follow it through the day.

And that is it, thirty days of incredible poems. Here is a thank you from our curator of poets, KT Herr:

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along this month, reading and drawing inspiration from these wildly talented trans* writers. I hope their work has led you to new heights and greater risks in your own writing, and that we can carry the momentum of this project out into the world with us in beautiful and resounding ways! If you’ve been touched by the work of certain poets in particular, I encourage you to purchase their books and continue your exploration of their writing. Thanks for following along, and may we all continue to create, no matter what may come. Hands on our hearts.

Congratulations y’all!! We made it! Sent from my iPhone

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