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Operator: July 2021

Summer is undeniably here, and even the biggest sunflower among us occasionally needs a day hidden away inside with some AC, a cold drink, and a writing workshop or reading to attend. Here are some upcoming gems from a variety of fantastic organizations. In addition to these virtual events, Landline Literary will be present (in the form of Anna, walking around ready to give high fives and stickers) at the New York City Poetry Festival (7/24-7/25)!


starting 7/6: Food Writing with Angie Chatman from Gotham Writers

7/11: Make it Make Sense! Sensory/Body Poetry Workshop with Paul con Queso

starting 7/12: Writing the Otherworldly: A Speculative Fiction Course with Sara Knudson from the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College

Conversations &...

7/18-7/31: Spark Writing Festival from University of Alabama Birmingham


7/7: Rise to the Sun Book Launch, in conversation with Nicola Yoon from The Brain Lair Bookstore

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