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Operator: June 2021

Summer is the perfect time to shake up your writing and reading routine. Spend some time with these organizations finding new writers to admire, engaging in a new writing practice, or simply basking in the work of writers you already love.


6/1: The Chosen and the Beautiful with Nghi Vo and R. F. Kuang from AAWW and Books are Magic

6/5: Roxbury Poetry Festival Keynote with Jericho Brown

6/7:Welcome to Landline Literary: A Celebratory Reading with Arriel Vinson, Nabila Lovelace, KT Herr, and Bernard Ferguson from Landline Literary

6/16: Hen House at Home ft. Cécil Barlier, Dexter L. Booth, and Carl Marcum from Red Hen Press

Conversations &

6/2: One Page Wednesday with Natalie Serber and Kelli Russell Agogon from Literary Arts

6/9: Hood Feminism with Mikki Kendall from Literary Arts

6/10-6/13: RAWIFest from RAWI

6/25-6/28: June Manuscript Conference from Tupelo Press


Starting 6/9: The Art of Translation with Bruna Dantas Lobato from Catapult

Starting 6/11: Become the Mirror – A Workshop in Poetry with Evan J. Cuts from Lampblack

6/13: Essay Revision with Lilly Dancyger from Catapult

Starting 6/17: Put Your Finger on It – A Workshop in Criticism with James Bennett from Lampblack

Starting 6/23: Writing Young Adult Fiction with Anna Godbersen from Catapult

Starting 6/23: Writing Us – A Workshop in Fiction with Shara Davis from Lampblack

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