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Operator: May 2021

Looking for a reading or generative workshop? We'd be happy to connect you! Some organizations, like Catapult, simply have too many great events to feature them all – we will share up to four events monthly from an organization in each category.


5/5: Launch Party Livestream from Copper Canyon Press

5/11: Open Door Reading Series with Xandria Phillips, Yarberry, kiki nicole, and Red Samaniego from Poetry Foundation

5/27: Pastries, Poetry, and Prose with Heid Erdrich, from The Loft Literary Center.

Recurring: Wednesday Night Poetry, hosted by Kai Coggin


5/4: Remake the World: Astra Taylor and Rebecca Solnit in Conversation from Haymarket Books

5/6: Olivia Lang on Everybody with Maggie Nelson, from the Center for Fiction

5/11: Memories of a Fiction Writer: Courtney Zoffness and Gina Frangello in Conversation, from the Center for Fiction

5/18: Author/Translator: Marylis de Kerangal and Jessica Moore on Painting Time, from the Center for Fiction

5/18: America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence... from Haymarket Books

5/20: Literary Translation Clinic, from the Center for Fiction


5/1: May Day! A 24-Hour Collaborative Poetry Writing Experiment from Poetry Society of New York

5/2: Writing an Essay, From Start to Publication, with R.O. Kwon

Starting 5/4: Publishing Translations with Bruna Dantas Lobato, from Catapult

5/8-5/9: In a Hairsbreadth: A Generative Writing Workshop with Genine Lentine and GabrielleCalvocoressi from San Francisco Zen Center

Staring 5/13: Novel Draft Generator with Ayşegül Savaş, from Catapult

5/22: Layering Writing that Feels "Flat" with Simon Han, from Catapult

Starting 5/24: Writing Poetry Inspired by Film with Rosebud Ben-Oni, from Catapult

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